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Why Vape?, The real question is why smoke when you can Vape?

Vaping is cheaper. Usage will vary between each individual. In general, vaping with electronic cigarettes will save the consumer approximatley 70% - 80% when compared to traditional cigarettes(Analogs).

* The FDA currently does not allow us to make claims that our products are healthier than traditional cigarettes. We recommend that you do your own research on electronic cigarettes and use your good judgment. At the end of the day, you are only consuming 4-5 ingredients with electronic cigarettes instead of 4000+ known chemicals contained in traditional cigarettes. You do the math.

* Vaping tastes soo much better!. With the tireless efforts of engineers and developers, electronic cigarettes now produce astonishingly realistic and an arguably better taste than traditional cigarettes. There is a large spectrum of flavors available in today's market that provides consumers with a completely unique and unparallelled vaping experience that traditional cigarettes will never be able to offer.

* Vape anywhere. Unlike traditional cigarettes that let off an offensive odor when smoked. Electronic cigarette vapor is lightly scented, almost unnoticeable. E-cigs are a fairly new technology which many people do not know of or understand. Most times a simple explanation is all it takes for you to get the thumbs up to vape in your favorite public places.